We Are Harford Business Network

Connecting businesses together, strengthening relationships, and growing our businesses.

Bel Air, Maryland’s Harford Business Network (HBN) welcomes all business professionals seeking to grow their business. Our members are located throughout Harford County and surrounding areas. We meet Wednesday mornings at 8:00am at the Harford Chamber of Commerce and would love to have you visit us at our next meeting.

One Wednesday per month we integrate with the Chamber's Mix & Mingle Event, held at the Chamber. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other local businesses outside of our group.

Why Choose Us

The Harford Business Network (HBN) is a Professional Networking Group based on fostering an environment of trust, and a commitment by each member to uphold the intentions of the group. The group is a collection of motivated business professionals, using the strength of relationships and trust, promoting each other’s businesses by providing referrals.

We are industry-exclusive, so you will have no competition within your field of expertise. Active participation and a sincere desire to help every member prosper are the foundations of HBN.  There are numerous networking groups to choose from these days. HBN provides a cost effective way to receive business through word of mouth networking. Our dues are only $100 a year, which is very economical compared to other groups.

What We Do

We meet every Wednesday at 8am in a business friendly environment. This is not the place for eating breakfast or a social (though we do have fun), but it is about being respectful of everybody’s time and getting down to business. The doors are closed and we start our meetings promptly at 8am.

Week 1 - Prospecting Spread Sheet
Week 2 - Guest Speaker
Week 3 - Coffee & Connections
Week 4 - Mastermind Roundtable
If Week 5 - Flex week (Could be any of the above)

We also make it a point to only pass warm referrals to one another. We educate each other on what a good referral is, have one on one meetings, break out into synergistic teams, and provide quality introductions of other people to one another all in an effort to help each other grow our business.

Join Us!

Please feel free to visit us any Wednesday morning at 8am. We meet at the Harford County Chamber of Commerce board room at 108 S. Bond Street in Bel Air, MD. Park behind MaGerk's restaurant and enter the Chamber of Commerce building through the front door, then follow the hallway back to the right. Note, if schools are delayed or cancelled, our meetings are cancelled for that morning. For more information please contact us today.